definitive info on authenticating to AD via NTLMv2

Alex Sharaz alex.sharaz at
Tue Mar 26 15:21:10 CET 2013

I've been running ntlm_auth to authenticate our 802.1x users against AD for a number of months without problems…… until this morning when our Systems group tightened up auth requirements to only use NTLMv2. and my ntlm_auth module started failing

I'm running FR van 2.2 and samba Vsn 3.6.3

All the web stuff I've found doesn;t seem to mention v2 at all. Back in the dim and distant past I got round the ntlm v2 issue when using OSC Radiator by proxying off auths to Radiator running on a windows machine bound to AD and using their AuthBy LSA authentication mechanism. 

So, anything special I need to do to auth using ntlmv2? Can it be done? only reference I found was to have

client ntlmve auth = yes 
in smb.conf


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