definitive info on authenticating to AD via NTLMv2

Alan DeKok aland at
Tue Mar 26 18:30:35 CET 2013

Alex Sharaz wrote:
> Well, I was running Radiator for a couple of years authenticating users against AD. 

  Yes... I didn't say that wouldn't work.

> ( sent out a snippet from the Radiator manual in another message)  so I guess it wasn't using ntlm.

  The text you posted showed it used ntlm.

> but, from the point of view of getting the job done, it did work. 

  The text you posted showed that Radiator ran on Windows.  In which
case, it can bypass the AD replication protocols, and poke Windows
directly.  That's why it was less work to set up.  You didn't need Samba.

  If anyone is willing to sponsor FreeRADIUS on Windows, we can do the
same thing.  It's not hard, it just requires time and effort.

  Alan DeKok.

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