Auth-Type krb5 not recognized by v2.1.12

Jaap Winius jwinius at
Wed Mar 27 19:06:09 CET 2013

Quoting Matthew Newton <mcn4 at>:

> For what it's worth, rolling your own FreeRADIUS packages for
> Debian is trivial.

Right you are! Very good indeed. Sure beats installing directly from  
source. Now I've got the latest version and it's a Debian package! :-)

> That's interesting, but without a copy of the debug output from
> radiusd -X, nobody will know where to start.

I included what I thought was the most relevant output from  
'freeradius -X', because the entire exchanges were about 12 times  
longer. But, if you think it would make a difference, I'll be sure to  
include all of it next time.

> You could also put the following in your inner-tunnel, rather than
> the line in your users file, which is probably the tidier way:
> update control {
>   Auth-Type := krb5
> }

That's it -- it works!! I no longer have "DEFAULT Auth-Type = krb5" in  
the users file, and instead added the above lines to the 'authorize'  
section of ./sites-enabled/inner-tunnel. So, that seems to be the  
solution. However, if anyone has any more questions, I'll be happy to  

Thanks so much!



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