mschap passchange in Freeradius 3

Davide Garofalo davide.garofalo at
Thu Nov 7 08:32:02 CET 2013

I used "radiusd -Xx" to display the datetime and figure out what the first
and what the second login.
I posted the full debug because Phil asks me.
The problem I am having is probably related to the mschap module.

"You keep posting useless debug output, or tiny pieces of the debug
output"... this is your opinion, with the ldap module my debug output has
been useful for you !!

As regards the current problem, I'll manage to find a solution.
Thanks for the help

2013/11/6 Alan DeKok <aland at>

> Davide Garofalo wrote:
> > Sorry, here the full debug file with first and second login.
> >
> >
>   Please use a txt file next time.  The output is text.  Also, use
> "radiusd -X", not "radiusd -Xx".  It simplifies the output.
>   What I see is ntlm_auth returning login failure.  Then, the server
> sends a challenge, and nothing else happens.
>   There's no Microsoft change password attribute in the debug output,
> either.
>   So... it's impossible to help you.  In order to debug password change
> issues, we need to see debug output with password changes in them.
>   I would suggest that *you* read the debug output, too.  Look for
> password change requests.  It isn't hard.  Then, post those.
>   You keep posting useless debug output, or tiny pieces of the debug
> output.  This tells us that you're not interested in doing work yourself
> to solve the problem.  If that's true, then we're not interested in
> working on it, either.
>   Alan DeKok.
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