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Dear Community

i need help, i do work with an ISP has wireless network across the country
build up using more than 5000 wireless devices using Motorola/Cambium
Canopy microwave radios. Currently, if a customer did not pay the
subscription until the last day of the month. A agent from customer support
department disconnect the customer manually by disabling SM's (subscriber
Module) interface.

1.) i have been requested to come up with some kind of solution where this
must happen automatically (connection/disconnection). because we have grow
enough and it is actually difficult to handle this manually.

if [[ disconnection]]; then
customer should be redirected to a static web page, where he is told the
reason of disconnection that his subscription has expired.

2.) i did research about it and came up with the solution to setup
Freeradius v2.2.0.

3.) FR has been configure properly, i have tested with Cisco & Chilli NAS
using MySQL Database users. AAA functionality works as expected,
Max-All-Sessions, Session-Timeout etc.. etc.. etc.. WORKS !!

4.) i know Cambium AP can also act as NAS and support EAP method as well.
But i am unable to understand the logic that how it can archive the above
mentioned requirement - PROVISIONING SERVICE USING AAA

5.) i have also setup open-ldap servers as replication model on *CentOS 6x,
UB 12.4LTS & FreeBSD Unix*, because i learnt that these are the components
are the answer to our requirements. But

i am not so much clear how LDAP can be used to authenticate SM's. i have
little idea from my research that i can use Session-Timeout attribute so
that SM needs to authenticate everyday. This is here the confusion is.
i can figure out using MSSQL query from our CRM database that who has not
paid. But what should happen if customer did not paid? user should be
deleted from LDAP? so that SM is unable to authenticate by FR ? Am i
correct that LDAP can be used in such scenario ? i know many admins are
using such techniques. Thats why seeking help & their advice.

if someone has little time just to help me understanding how to put
components together, will very very grateful. all component has been setup
but could not understand how it would work together.

Thanks / RM--
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