attrs.filter differences between FR 2.2.0 and FR 3

Arran Cudbard-Bell a.cudbardb at
Wed Nov 13 14:53:13 CET 2013

> Thanks Arran.
> Had trouble building the git clone, so copied the code into the stable release's source, complied it and it works.
> [root at server freeradius-server]# make
> UNIT-TEST rfc.txt
> ./build/bin/radattr: symbol lookup error: ./build/bin/radattr: undefined symbol: _fr_cursor_init
> make: *** [build/tests/unit/rfc.txt] Error 127

Probably dependencies not being rebuilt correctly. make clean/make should fix it.

> Ah, yes that rings a bell; confirmed by blowing the dust off the case study you did all those moons ago.

Yeah six or seven years now. I feel old :(

Anyone know what's happening with the new case study? Guessing there's going to be a radsec section?


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