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Thanks Alan.

I found I actually needed to put:

        server =

to make it work, which makes sense I think?

I find that, if the home servers are down and the relay is re-tried, I see additional Proxy-State = 0x.... values added to the packet which then eventually gets sent once the servers come back up. Is there an easy way to avoid this?



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> Hopefully a simple one...
> If I want to use the robust-proxy-accounting example for ALL accounting requests that hit my server, what additional configuration do I need to route everything to it?

  Just tell the accounting listener to use it, instead of the default virtual server:

	listen {
		type = acct
		server = robust-proxy-accounting

  You'll have to ensure the pre/post-proxy sections get used, too.

  Arran and I are planning changes for v4 which should clean this up.

  Alan DeKok.
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