FR3.0 and OS X lion, getting Unknown eap method

Alan DeKok aland at
Fri Nov 15 15:48:59 CET 2013

Alex Sharaz wrote:
> Well I thought I’d got FR3 working on OS X but seem to have an issue with 
> Error: /usr/local/etc/freeradius/mods-enabled/eap[17]: Unknown EAP
> method <pick a module>

  Well, that's broken.  However, I do all my development on Mac OSX, and
Arran does his on Lion.  So it *does* work.

> If I go into mods-enabled/eap and comment out md5 then The message
> apears for the next method defined and so on. Looking in /usr/local/lib/
> however I can see,

  I suspect there's another issue.  What does the *rest* of the debug
output say?

  Very often people look only at the last log message, where the
previous 3-4 contain more information.

  Alan DeKok.

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