robust-proxy-accounting question

adrian.p.smith at adrian.p.smith at
Mon Nov 18 11:39:10 CET 2013

>> Thanks Alan.
>> I found I actually needed to put:
>>         server =
>> to make it work, which makes sense I think?

>  If that's what's in the file...

>  And you should probably change the names to make more sense for your environment.

Yes, thanks, have now done that.

>> I find that, if the home servers are down and the relay is re-tried, I see additional Proxy-State = 0x.... values added to the packet which then eventually gets sent once the servers >>come back up. Is there an easy way to avoid this?

>  Upgrade.  IIRC, that's a bug in an old version of the software.

Yes, correct, an upgrade did the trick.

>  Alan DeKok.

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