SQLIppool and multiple NAS IPs

Victor Rodriguez vrc.movil at gmail.com
Tue Nov 19 12:13:53 CET 2013


I'm trying to implement Freeradius v2.1.10 to provide a different IP Pool
depending on the IP address of the NAS (Mikrotik PPPoE) the request comes
from. I'm using radgroupcheck in this way and it works:

'300', 'grp_test', 'Pool-Name', ':=', 'pool_Test'
'301', 'grp_test', 'NAS-IP-Address', '==', ''
'302', 'grp_test', 'Simultaneous-Use', ':=', '1'

'303', 'grp_test2', 'Pool-Name', ':=', 'pool_Test2'
'304', 'grp_test2', 'NAS-IP-Address', '==', ''
'302', 'grp_test2', 'Simultaneous-Use', ':=', '1'

(username belongs to both groups)

The problem is that I would like to group some NAS and provide the same IP

'310', 'grp_test3', 'Pool-Name', ':=', 'pool_Test2'
'311', 'grp_test3', 'NAS-IP-Address', '==', ''
'312', 'grp_test3', 'NAS-IP-Address', '==', ''
'313', 'grp_test3', 'Simultaneous-Use', ':=', '1'

This doesn't work, FR doesn't get an IP pool when checking radgroupcheck
and so the client doesn't get an IP.

Am I missing something? Do I a need to implement huntgroups in SQL?

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