MIgrating ACS to Freeradius

Zafar Pravaiz zpravaiz at aus.edu
Wed Nov 20 17:23:56 CET 2013

Dear Community, 

I am in process to replace our Cisco ACS to Freeradius for our wireless authentication and trying to achieve same functionality as ACS. Here is what i need. 

1. It should authenticate against AD. 
2. User should be checked in specific group in AD and have specific Called-Station-id ( If Users in AD group == Students and Called-Station-ID== *SSID then Accept-Accept). 
3. There is should be multiple policy for various condition match like above. 
4. Default should be Reject. 
5. All user auth (pass/fail) should be logged in file/syslog with rejection reason. 

I have achieve only 1st point. 

Any one has done same ? is it possible in Freeradius? can someone point me to right direction or share config. 

I will really appreciate the help 

Thank you 


Zafar Pravaiz 
Senior Systems Engineer 
Information Technology Department 

Tel +971 6 515 2164 
Fax +971 6 515 2112 
American University of Sharjah 
PO Box 26666, Sharjah 
United Arab Emirates 
zpravaiz at aus.edu 
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