fr3 socket max_connections

Polish pavel.polacek at
Wed Nov 20 22:10:43 CET 2013


   I set up radsec (tls site) in FR3. On start works well, but after
a while (20-30 minutes) I see following in logs:
Info: Ignoring new connection due to client max_connections (16)

and FR3 rejects new incoming tls radsec connections.

Ok, I set up client max_connetions = 0 and now after while I get:
Info: Ignoring new connection due to socket max_connections

Often I see in logs reconnection:
Info:  ... closing socket auth from client (195.113.18
7.22, 56256) -> (*, 2083, virtual-server=default)
Info:  ... adding new socket auth from client (195.113
.187.22, 53889) -> (*, 2083, virtual-server=default)

I watch at netstat -t and get max 3 connections to port 2083:
one in ESTABLISHED state and two in TIME_WAIT state.

Client is radiator.

What should I set up?

 	Thank you   Pavel Polacek

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