FreeRadius and SLES11

Alan DeKok aland at
Thu Nov 21 04:01:02 CET 2013

Gavin Houston wrote:
> I am setting up authentication from aerohive to radius on SLES 11 via
> Netware 6.5sp8 eDir 8.8. I have changed the configuration files and now
> have the Radius SLES 11 server ( binding to the ldap server
> ( The debug Radius log now show the LDAP modules loading.
> The Debug Radius Server Log shows errors in expand of LDAP string and
> not being able to find the user.

  Please post the debug log.  Nothing else will help.

> I have attached the following Radius server Debug log, DSTRACE log from
> Netware 6.5 LDAP server, LDAP configuration file, Radius conf file.
> Please assist.

  The only thing we ever ask for is the debug log.  And you didn't post
that.  Everything else is not necessary.

  Alan DeKok.

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