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Fri Nov 22 11:35:40 CET 2013


On Fri, 22 Nov 2013, A.L.M.Buxey at wrote:

> Hi,
>> Downloaded version of FR3 (3.0.0 or latest git version) compiled by tools to
>> generate debian packages.
> yes...and the Debian scripts are wrong. please please please just read what you've been told and LOOK
> at what the script is running. its running in a non operative way - theres a small 'x' in its
> arguments (in the 'service check' part - -Cx.....

Yes, but only for configuration check. Procedure are called from
restart, reload, configtest, testconfig, but not from start section:

part of /etc/init.d/freeradius:
                 log_daemon_msg "Starting $DESCR" "$PROG"

                 start_daemon -p "$PIDFILE" "$PROGRAM"
                 log_end_msg $ret

I don't see any small 'x' on start_daemon row.

#ps aux | grep freeradius
freerad   8170  0.0  1.2 160364  6444 ?        Ssl  11:00   0:00

# cat /proc/8170/cmdline 

Debug messages are generated only for TLS (radsec) tunnel.

> thats wrong.
> as the server CLEARLY says
> "You probably need to do 'radiusd -fxx -l stdout' for debugging"
> so , if you want to use that debian start script, edit the line that has -Cx..... and fix it.
> alan

Yes, I change init script for myself, but It should be repaired for all others
(debian users) if is it possible.

   Thank you   Pavel Polacek

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