How to modify rlm_example to implement a new eap-type authentication

Michael kevin kevin198607 at
Tue Nov 26 06:43:55 CET 2013

Hi all,
I followed the site
I tried to modify rlm_example.c to implement a new eap-type
authentication(eg something like eap-MD5).
I read the above site several times, but I still do not know what I should
do for"Comfiguring the Module"in the"Compiling Your Module" section on the
above site.

the above site said below:

You need to make two modifications to the FreeRadius configuration files to
add your rlm.
First you need to create a module configuration file in the modules
directory. See modules/rlm_example for a sample. The contents of the file
should look something like:

# xxx module
xxx {
      host = "myhost"

This establishes the configuration parameters for the module. Each module
gets a separate file.

Next you need to add an entry in the appropriate instantiation section for
xxx so that it will be called at the proper time.

If you are only running one virtual server then you can use the default
file in the sites-available directory. In that file you would add your
module to the appropriate section. For example in this case:

#  Authorization. First preprocess (hints and huntgroups files),
authorize {

Finally you need to check the sites-enabled/ directory and make sure there
is a link to the sites-available/ file that includes your module. The link
for "default" should already be present.

As I konw now,there is two steps I need to do,but I still do not understand
how to do them exactly.

Can anybody help me or give me some suggestion?The more detailed the

Best regards!
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