FreeRADIUS 3 LDAP Questions

Hachmer, Tobias Tobias.Hachmer at
Tue Nov 26 07:56:57 CET 2013

Hello list members,

I am migrating here from FreeRADIUS v2 to v3 and have some questions regarding the ldap module.

As I understand everyone has to do the LDAP Attribute Mapping manually:

-       It would be much easier if the old ldap.attrmap would be translated already, maybe commented.

-       All checkItems have to defined with "control: ... := ..."?


-       Can I define multiple valuepair attributes? I just want radiusCheckItem and radiusReplyItem

By default there are no hardcoded attribute mappings?

Our servers here just asking a read-only ldap server. The new accounting options of the ldap module need to write to ldap.

-       Would it be sufficient just to comment the whole accounting and post-auth section if we do not need them?

Kind regards,
Tobias Hachmer
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