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>>> As I understand everyone has to do the LDAP Attribute Mapping manually:
>>> -       It would be much easier if the old ldap.attrmap would be translated already, maybe commented.
>> Feel free to write a perl script to translate it into an update stanza.
> I was afraid the answer would be like this. I just assume that there are a lot of systems out there using the freeradius provided ldap schema. Therefore I also assumed that this mapping is already done as it was in v2.
> But I know, it's open source, so somebody has to do this.


>>> -       All checkItems have to defined with "control: . := ."?
>> or request: or reply: and it will default to request.
> Thanks for the hint!
>>> valuepair_attribute
>>> -       Can I define multiple valuepair attributes? I just want radiusCheckItem and radiusReplyItem
>> No, and they wouldn't operate how you expect anyway. They would both go into the request list.
>> Again, a migration script might be useful.
> Yeah, in my tests I recognized there are problem with some operators, like:
> (0) ERROR: ldap : Invalid list qualifier "Aruba-User-Role :"
> (0) WARNING: ldap : Failed parsing 'radiusReplyItem' value "Aruba-User-Role := "root"" as valuepair, skipping...
> Could you please clarify here how this works and how could I translate this in a correct way from:

Hm. That should be fixed, it shouldn't *require* list qualifiers. I'll take a look.

> checkItem        $GENERIC$                        radiusCheckItem
> replyItem        $GENERIC$                        radiusReplyItem

> This is very important. I don't want to define a ldap attribute for each VSA.

All check items should be modified to include the 'control:' list qualifier, all replyItems should be modified to include the 'reply:' list qualifier.

All generic RADIUS attributes should be stored in the same LDAP attribute.

Slight correction to what I said earlier, you can actually use any list qualifier that you'd use in an update section. I think it even takes request qualifiers (outer.) too.


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