Update of Radhuntgroup table via dynamic client

Muhammad Nuzaihan Bin Kamal Luddin muhammad at taqisystems.com
Thu Nov 28 05:11:49 CET 2013


I am working out a modification of the dynamic-client to update the 
radhuntgroups when the dynamic-client (nas) table is updated.

For every user added, it will be added to the radhuntgroup ("groupname" 
column will be the same as "shortname" column in nas table)

But when the nas is accessing the freeradius and got in via the shared 
secret. i was looking at updating the radhuntgroup table with the 
"groupname" column with the IP address - so i can allow this dynamic NAS 
to authenticate these users from radhuntgroup via that IP.

               if ("%{sql: SELECT nasname FROM accesspoints WHERE 
nasname = '%{Packet-Src-IP-Address}'}") {
                         update control {
                                 #  Echo the IP.
                                 # FreeRADIUS-Client-IP-Address = 

                                 #  Do multiple SELECT statements to grab
                                 #  the various definitions.
                                 FreeRADIUS-Client-Shortname = "%{sql: 
SELECT shortname FROM accesspoints WHERE nasname = 

                                 FreeRADIUS-Client-Secret = "%{sql: 
SELECT secret FROM accesspoints WHERE nasname = '%{Packet-Src-IP-Address}'}"

                                 FreeRADIUS-Client-NAS-Type = "%{sql: 
SELECT type FROM accesspoints WHERE nasname = '%{Packet-Src-IP-Address}'}"

                                 FreeRADIUS-Client-Virtual-Server = 
"%{sql: SELECT server FROM accesspoints WHERE nasname = 


I am looking at FreeRADIUS-Client-IP-Address = 
"%{Packet-Src-IP-Address}" to run the Update query but am having 
problems with looking at using the UPDATE sql query.

Have anyone did something similar to this?

Thanks and Regards,
Muhammad Nuzaihan

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