Max length of SQl return string?

Alexander Silveröhrt Alexander.Silverohrt at
Thu Nov 28 15:41:27 CET 2013


We are doing a query which are supposed to comeback with a bunch of subscriber accounts.

 update request {
                Subscriber-Accounts := "%{sql-cisco-bng:SELECT GROUP_CONCAT(username SEPARATOR ';') FROM radcheck WHERE username LIKE '%{User-Name}%%'}"

But it seems that there is a limit on how long the return string can be?
In this case a query for acccount for user "" did return below accounts but the return query cuts off after a while. (And yes port 1 and port 2 also gets account for 10-19 and 20-22 which is why we noticed this bugg/feature..?) CH_VoIP CH_IPTV KAL_IPTV KAL_IPTV

Here is from the debug where one can see where it gets cut off
rlm_perl: sub-pre-auth: Debug: RAD_REQUEST in sub authorize: Subscriber-Accounts =; CH_VoIP; CH_IPTV;; KAL_IPTV; KAL_IPTV;

And and after splitted
rlm_perl: sub-pre-auth: i = 0, SQL Found Account[0]:
rlm_perl: sub-pre-auth: i = 1, SQL Found Account[1]: CH_VoIP
rlm_perl: sub-pre-auth: i = 2, SQL Found Account[2]: CH_IPTV
rlm_perl: sub-pre-auth: i = 3, SQL Found Account[3]:
rlm_perl: sub-pre-auth: i = 4, SQL Found Account[4]: KALEJDO_IPTV
rlm_perl: sub-pre-auth: i = 5, SQL Found Account[5]: KALEJDO_IPTV
rlm_perl: sub-pre-auth: i = 6, SQL Found Account[6]:

So my question is if there is a limitation can i change it somewhere and why is there one in the first place?

We temporary fixed it by a better matched SQL query which doesnt give us accounts we are not asking for..
Subscriber-Accounts := "%{sql-cisco-bng:SELECT GROUP_CONCAT(username SEPARATOR ';') AS FOO_RID FROM radcheck WHERE username LIKE '%{User-Name} %' OR username = '%{User-Name}'}"

but it is still going to give us problems in the future since users can have more than above exemples of accounts.

Thanks for your time.


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