Possible to check certain SQL values in freeradius?

Muhammad Nuzaihan muhammad at taqisystems.com
Fri Nov 29 12:07:59 CET 2013

I'll figure it out.

Thank you. :)

On 11/29/2013 06:29 PM, Muhammad Nuzaihan Bin Kamal Luddin wrote:
> Hi,
> Typically, FreeRADIUS would be using selects by using one value - 
> %{Packet-Src-IP-Address}.
> I would like to know the secret it is using to communicate with the 
> freeradius to compare on our user database. (the user actually 
> generates these secrets and implement it into their NAS)
> Is there other ways to do it (even using other than secrets?) or do i 
> have to depend solely on Packet-Src-IP-Address?
> I am doing more development than doing implementation myself and i am 
> seeing all the secret values seemed to be transparent to the 
> freeradius configuration itself (for building applications on top of it)
> Thanks,
> Muhammad Nuzaihan

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