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I am trying to use exec to check if a user in valid in a custom PHP script,
what I would like is to get multiple attributes returned.

I created a module as:
exec checkuser {
        wait = yes
        input_pairs = request
        output_pairs = reply
        program = "/etc/raddb/check-user.php -log -debug '%{User-Name}'
        shell_escape = yes
and then activated it in the "authorize" section.

The check-user.php script I would like to output the following:


echo "Access-Accept = Accept"; // I used also commas.. same error

echo "Mikrotik-Group = student";
echo "Mikrotik-Rate-Limit = 1564k/6400k";

So howevery I am echo-ing these I just get: "Exec format error"
[checkuser]     expand: '%{User-Name}' -> 'AC:81:F3:63:7D:07'
[checkuser]     expand: '%{User-Password}' -> ''
Exec-Program output: Exec-Program: FAILED to execute
/etc/raddb/check-user.php: Exec format error
Exec-Program-Wait: plaintext: Exec-Program: FAILED to execute
/etc/raddb/check-user.php: Exec format error
Exec-Program: returned: 1
++[checkuser] returns reject

What is the correct way to return multiple attributes in PHP

All help is appreciated, that you.

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