Generating timing stats for ntlm_auth

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Tue Oct 15 12:44:54 CEST 2013

As reported to Alan (at eduroam-uk-support), we are also seeing load problems at peak times with similar/identical error messages as those reported in this thread.
We are running FreeRadius 2.2.0 on two CentOS 6 VMs, with Kerberos 1.8.2-3.el6 & Samba and Winbind 3.5.6-86.el6.
Is there anything we can do here at UWE to help identify the general problem?


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Can confirm that we at Bristol (Cisco wireless, MS AD auth backend) are 
also seeing load problems at peak times (every hour, at lecture 
change-over time when approximately one billion iPhones start roaming 
the campus). We're also not seeing as much session resumption as we'd 
expect. We're also seeing the same messages as reported in this thread.

Will be watching this thread with interest - happy to test patches etc.

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