client code for long extended attributes?

Daniel Pocock daniel at
Mon Sep 2 15:30:04 CEST 2013

On 20/07/13 14:56, Alan DeKok wrote:
> Daniel Pocock wrote:
>> Should this code be shared with the client project freeradius-client?
>   No.  The freeradius-client code is pretty bad.
>> Or is it preferred to build a new client (or shared library) from the
>> freeradius-server repository eventually?
>   The client code is already LGPL'd.  So it could be used as a client.

Could you please clarify that - it is possible to build a client library
from the server source tarball?

In Debian, I see "libfreeradius2" built from the server source tarball
but that appears to be server-side library code, or is it also for
client applications?

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