my Radius goal radius and openldap.

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No, they are encrypted in the ldap database in md5 hash.
I might be too old to do bleeding edge stuff like 3.0 RC1
I will take a look and a poke at it though.

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> I already have functioning openldap with SSL. (actually a neat little 
> multi master setup.) I would like to get this radius to authenticate against the openldap.

You have plaintext passwords then?

> I have dug around Google and found some useful looking pages, but I wonder if anybody has any hot tips on this so I don't feel like I am completely reinventing the wheel.

Use FreeRADIUS 3.0.0-rc1, the LDAP module is SIGNIFICANTLY better.

For redundancy/resilience you can either just point the module at a round-robin FQDN, or set a comma delimited list of servers in the 'server' config item, libldap handles the failover.

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