Windows Phone CA verification debugging

Mathieu Simon mathieu.sim at
Mon Sep 16 08:25:58 CEST 2013

Hi list

While I've been quite successful in making preconfigured profiles and docs
for our students on how to make proper proper wireless configuration, I'm
encountering some issues with those (yet quite rare) people with Windows
Phone  8 (WP8) systems.

WP8 devices are yet able to connect without (any) CA or common name
verification, but seem
to fail when I let them check the CA by choosing it from the device' CA
store. (As usual), the client-side error message is not helpful at all (it
fails to connect without any error message).

On the desktop side one can at least fire up 'netsh ras diagnostics' to
trace (P)EAP and CHAP during connection which can help figuring out at
least something. But on WP8, well there is no such thing that I've found.
Is there anyone on the FR list who already had to mangle a WP8 device?

-- Mathieu
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