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> Hi All
> for some reason (change database structure and limitation on sql module for sql connection and ...)  i need to develop something like SQL module to exchange check data  in all section on my database .
> so in need to know what exactly sql module do in each section ( such as authorize , authenticate, accounting , ...).
> i can not find any detailed document on this.

authorize - Retrieves info about the user from radcheck, radreply, radgroupcheck, radgroup reply

Functions in a very similar way to the users file

authenticate - Can't be listed (server won't start).

post-auth - Writes entries to the post-auth tables

accounting - Modifies accounting records.

> i just know that i should read all check data and fill them in related attribute (control attribute) in authorize  section and for  accounting section i need to update database  by  request attribute that received .


> i think that i miss something but i can not find ....
> can any one help on this ?
> do we have any list of attribute that i should  fill in any section ?  specially in authenticate section that other module need information from database (check attribute).

Yes the *-Password attributes, e.g. SHA1-Password, Cleartext-Password etc... You need to retrieve a 'known good' or 'reference' password in authorize, to enable authentication.

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