Proxy listens to TCP home server on UDP port

Nikolai Kondrashov Nikolai.Kondrashov at
Mon Aug 4 11:22:19 CEST 2014

Hi Alan,

On 08/02/2014 12:56 PM, Alan DeKok wrote:
> Nikolai Kondrashov wrote:
>> Red Hat QA has noticed that a FreeRADIUS v3.0.1 server set up to use TCP
>> with a home server still listens for replies on UDP.
>    No.  It still opens a *port* on UDP.  It only listens for replies on
> the same port that it sends packets from.
>    In this case, since you only have TCP home servers, packets will be
> sent ONLY with TCP.  The UDP proxy port will not be used for anything.

Understood, thank you, Alan.

>> Could this have been done to simplify handling of mixed-protocol server
>> pools?
>    No.  It happens because the server doesn't notice that it has no UDP
> traffic.  So it still opens a proxy UDP port.
>    The only downside to the proxy UDP port is that you have another port
> open.  The server will never use the port for anything.

Can you tell how hard would it be to fix this and would a fix for this be

Thank you.


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