Adding a variable to Free Radius

Nick Cameo symack at
Mon Aug 4 13:16:45 CEST 2014

Hello Fajar, Thank you for your response. Oooops. I should have
been more clear. The queries, table fields, and dictionaries have
been modified.

I just can't figure out how to get Freeradius to pick up the value of
the variable automatically as it does with the rest of the standard
values (ie, SIP-To-Tag) for our service.

Also, when trying to sniff the running port using
ngrep -d eth0 -qt -W byline portrange 1812-1814, I am not able
to pick up an freerad related packets. Are those still the ports
we need to sniff out?

<conf snippet>
         ipaddr =

        #  OR, you can use an IPv6 address, but not both
        #  at the same time.
#       ipv6addr = ::   # any.  ::1 == localhost

        #  Port on which to listen.
        #  Allowed values are:
        #       integer port number (1812)
        #       0 means "use /etc/services for the proper port"
        port = 0
<conf snippet>

Thanks in Advance,


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