Disable radutmp/radwtmp ?

Arnaud . arn0 at live.fr
Tue Aug 5 15:16:28 CEST 2014


I use SQL to see my connections radius (table raddact etc.) The problem is that there are also entries in radutmp files / radwtmp which can cause a lot of bugs because I do not use them. 

It is a hotspot system with freeradius v 
So to disable radutmp / radwtmp I must comment on certain lines in radiusd.conf. 

I commented that in accounting section (in bold):

accounting {
#    daily
#    unix
#    radutmp
#    sradutmp
#    pgsql-voip
session {
#    radutmp
Is it good? 

By cons I also saw in radiusd.conf other things that appeal to radutmp as:

radutmp {
        #  Where the file is stored.  It's not a log file,
        #  so it doesn't need rotating.
        filename = ${logdir}/radutmp


radutmp sradutmp {
        filename = ${logdir}/sradutmp
        perm = 0644
        callerid = "no"

Should I also commented that? Or it is not necessary?

When the radiusd.conf file will be good. Can I delete without radutmp radwtmp problem? 

Thank you for your help

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