Simple 2 Server High Availability

James Bensley jwbensley at
Wed Aug 6 10:38:13 CEST 2014

Hi All,

Thanks for the input, I have spoken with a DBA friend I trust and he
also warned against master-master because it is a pain to manage. The
two servers are going into two seperate DCs to cover things like
maintenance windows on core routers at the DCs and also to allow us to
take the servers themselves down for maintenance individually so they
need to be able to operate on their own for a period of time.

After sending yesterdays email I read more, I didn't realise Postgres
was supported natively! :)

The RADIUS boxes are for an ADSL platform, they will hold user records
and accounting records. I want both user account records and
accounting info to be in the database (but not FreeRADIUS config [if
that is even possible?] so people can't make a change and replicate
that taking them both out simultaneously). I think perhaps a master to
slave is best but with the loss of a master the slave must cache DB
updates until the master returns.

Looks like radsqlreplay is what I need, is that DB agnostic, will it
support either MariaDB and Postgress denpending on which one I choose?

Many thanks,

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