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Thanks Arran,
  Can you confirm whether we should be able to do something like :

If (&control:attribute[*] == "test") {
With the control:attribute being either just a multivalue attribute, or
one from the cache?

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> Thanks Zenon.
>  Glad you've been able to confirm the cache behaviour.
>> As per mods-available/ldap: [cache_attribute] overrides the normal
> cache
>> attribute (<inst>-LDAP-Group) and creates a custom attribute. It
> doesn't
>> affect the behavior you noted previously.
> True, just looking for an acceptable way, either via ldap caching or 
> manual collection via ldap of attributes or anything really to 
> populate multivalued attributes and check them all without multiple 
> single instance (i.e. ldap1-ldap-group) lookups. It's slow and if that

> ldap server is down, obviously doesn't work. Arran says he'll have a

Should be fixed.


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