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Ah, ok so it's just functionality built into the cache module then..?
I'll consider foreach then, and do my tests another way perhaps. Means a
decent portion of unlang being rewritten.
Did you manage to reproduce the foreach and if statement issue I
sketched out on skype at all? If so, I can be sure that foreach will be

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> Thanks Arran,
>  Can you confirm whether we should be able to do something like :
> If (&control:attribute[*] == "test") { With the control:attribute 
> being either just a multivalue attribute, or one from the cache?

Not yet, i've been thinking about how to do that in a clean way...
and I need it to for a project, so it's definitely high on my stack of
stuff to write.

For now, the above statement would hopefully produce an error on

For now just use foreach.


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