Understanding radgroupcheck

Marcus Ng marcus.ng at assuritz.com
Mon Aug 25 07:54:26 CEST 2014


1. When a user has multiple entries of the same attribute in radgroupcheck,
it is a OR condition meaning that if he satisfies one of the entry it is a
PASS? E.g. If there are 3 NAS-IP-Address entries, then satisfying any of the
3 IP address is a PASS?


2. What if there are more than 1 type of attributes. Does it mean it is a
PASS only if each of the attribute is satisfied at least once?

E.g. if there are 3 entries of AttrA and 2 entries of AttrB, then it is a
PASS if and only if at least 1 entry of AttrA is true and at least 1 entry
of AttrB is true?


3. Does this apply to radcheck as well?




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