Forwarding accounting Data to another radius Server for HA

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> Hi Everyone,
> We have 2 radius servers (v2.2.1) a primary and secondary. Currently both
> use same mysql database that lives on the primary server. For HA sake we
> would like to have the following setup. The primary server will read/write
> to it's radius DB and that will be replicated using mysql replication to
> the secondary server. The secondary server will then read/write to the
> replicated db and forward/proxy it's accounting data to the primary server.
> Does this sound like a feasible solution?


You should either:
- replicate the packets at radius level, and have each radius write (both
packets that it received directly and the forward packets) to its own db. OR
- use active-active db replication (e.g. galera)

> Also, what can we use to forward the accounting data to the primary
> server, would robust-proxy-accounting be something worth looking into?
Depends on your need. robust-proxy-accounting should work, but on some
setup it might end up filling the disk (e.g. when bad home server rejects
some packets).

Personally I prefer rlm_replicate, which is very fast but might lose some
accounting packets due to it's send-and-forget menchanism (I'm fine with

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