Not able to receive inner identity in Access-Accept in EAP-TTLS.

Alan DeKok aland at
Tue Aug 26 14:33:44 CEST 2014

Bhavesh Kamani wrote:
> As I mentioned earlier, I configured following for PEAP and EAP-TTLS :
> copy_request_to_tunnel = yes
> use_tunneled_reply = yes

  When means "over-write the outer reply with the tunneled reply"

> and in the inner-tunnel file i have configured following :
> post-auth {
>         ....
>          update outer.reply {
>                  User-Name := "%{Stripped-User-Name}"
>          }

  That updates the outer reply.  Which is later over-written by the
"use_tunneled_reply" code.

> Am I missing any configuration for EAP-TTLS OR bug still not fixed for

  You're doing contradictory things to the configuration  Don't do that.

  Alan DeKok.

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