FreeRadius in Windows - was Sourceforge and FreeRADIUS (Arran Cudbard-Bell)

Rui Ribeiro ruyrybeyro at
Fri Aug 29 11:35:57 CEST 2014

I have not replied to other previous similar message to not feed further
this misunderstanding.

I am not related in any way to the Windows guys, so I am not quite sure why
I should have an interest into "introducing confusion". Relax a bit guys.

I am quite aware this a serious matter - What I wanted to convey is that I
found that site, and it appeared to be  "very legit", only that - maybe on
purpose. I may have read or not the previous message, however this one hit
the point for me.


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> Subject: Re: FreeRadius in Windows - was Sourceforge and FreeRADIUS
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> > You are saying you dont have a Windows version, however I do recall
> reading some months ago about a Windows paid version too. At the time I
> *think* it was quite deliberate that it purported to be quite official i.e.
> your team.
> No. That is absolutely incorrect. You have not got that information from
> either the FreeRADIUS users or FreeRADIUS developers list.
> I suspect you are attempting to purposely introduce confusion.
> > If it were not for this email I would not got the slightest idea it was
> another individual.
> Well it is.
> This is serious. The GPLv2 violation is secondary. It's quite plausible
> that the version being distributed on source forge may contain malicious
> code. It would be fairly trivial to modify the server to forward
> credentials to a remote site, whether they be from users, or the ones
> embedded in the configuration.
> That's why it's so important from them to publish the actual code used to
> create the windows binaries, so it can be checked against the code from our
> repository.
> -Arran
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