Not able to receive inner identity in Access-Accept in EAP-TTLS.

Stefan Paetow Stefan.Paetow at
Fri Aug 29 11:48:10 CEST 2014

> My log excerpts provided examples of the problem I was facing with 
> both TTLS-MSCHAPv2 and PEAP-MSCHAPv2; I also tried TTLS-PAP, with 
> the same negative result.

I haven't seen any full debug logs (i.e. running radiusd -X and sending the list the complete output) from you... only snippets, which are not helpful without any context.

> To be sure, do you mean you really manage to retrieve the inner identity 
> with the help of an "update outer.reply" only?

Yes. In the 'eap' module I have:

eap: default_eap_type = ttls

eap, ttls: default_eap_type = mschapv2
copy_request_to_tunnel = yes
use_tunneled_reply = no

eap, peap: identical to eap, ttls.

In inner-tunnel, post-auth:

if (... comparison here irrelevant ...) {
    update outer.reply {
        User-Name := "%{Stripped-User-Name}"
else {

Works fine here... 

One thing I did find when I used eapol_test (or more specifically, rad_eap_test, which calls eapol_test), I had to make sure I specified EAPMSCHAPv2 as the inner auth method. Just specifying MSCHAPv2 does not make it EAP-MSCHAPv2.


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