Some new dictionaries for FR users

Fred at
Fri Aug 29 16:23:21 CEST 2014

Hi all,

Here is some dictionaries currently not fount in freeradius 2.2.5 for
following vendors :

* Bluecoat (tested OK)
* Citrix      (tested OK)
* Riverbed (not yet)

Please note : I don't know if those vendors agree to publish their
dictionary with freeradius,
but I made this only by googleing, with no particular login.

Hope this will be usefull to freeradius users !

# -oat-Group
# dictionary.bluecoat
# Blue Coat Vendor Specific Attribute dictionary file for freeradius

VENDOR    BlueCoat    14501


ATTRIBUTE    Blue-Coat-Group              1    string
ATTRIBUTE    Blue-Coat-Authorization    2    integer

VALUE           Blue-Coat-Authorization    No-Access               0
VALUE           Blue-Coat-Authorization    Read-Only-Access    1
VALUE           Blue-Coat-Authorization    Read-Write-Access   2

END-VENDOR      BlueCoat

# dictionary.citrix
# Created for Citrix Use
# currently only using attribute 14 in this setup.

VENDOR Citrix 66


ATTRIBUTE                UID 10 integer
ATTRIBUTE                GID 11 integer
ATTRIBUTE Home             12 string
ATTRIBUTE Shell              13 string
ATTRIBUTE Group-Names 14 string
ATTRIBUTE Group-Ids       15 string

ATTRIBUTE CTXSUserGroups 16 string


# dictionary.riverbed
# from

VENDOR               Riverbed 17163
BEGIN-VENDOR    Riverbed

ATTRIBUTE Local-User 1 string

END-VENDOR    Riverbed

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