OCSP Stapling with FR

Philippe MARASSE philippe.marasse at ch-poitiers.fr
Wed Dec 17 18:49:36 CET 2014


According to RFC 4366, during TLS handshake, server may send OCSP status 
along with certificate. Is it possible to do this with Freeradius ?

I had an issue with OS X < 10.9.5 using WiFi with EAP-TLS auth : my mac 
tried to do OCSP on my radius server's certificate before getting 
internet access... 20s timeout before getting connected !

I think it would be nice to issue OCSP stapling to WiFi clients so they 
can check the certificate revocation status offline.


Philippe MARASSE

Responsable pôle Infrastructures - DSIO
Centre Hospitalier Henri Laborit
CS 10587 - 370 avenue Jacques Coeur
86021 Poitiers Cedex
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