split Called-Station-Id

Brian Julin BJulin at clarku.edu
Sat Feb 1 06:00:29 CET 2014

Zeus Panchenko writes:

> so, how to get Called-Station-Id and Called-Station-SSID set to be able
> to add SSID to user ldap attributes?

It looks like the policy you ran worked.  Are you saying that if you try to
access the Called-Station-SSID attribute in the request after the policy
has been run, that it does not contain the value?

In that case, you should include the part of the debug output where the
test for Called-Station-SSID (in users file or unlang) is done.  If you have
not written such a test yet you could put this underneath rewrite_called_station_id
in the authorize section and your debug log should show you the expanded value.

if ("%{Called-Station-SSID}" == "REJECTME") {

>From there, you should be able to work out how to compare against an 
attribute extracted from either a direct ldap module query, or loaded via
the ldap.attrmap file.

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