Help Accounting packet forwarding

Alan DeKok aland at
Sun Feb 2 16:35:25 CET 2014

battossai wrote:
> I do not want mean to be rude, i just need help, sorry.
> Previously i have tried to write arran example into
> site-enabled/default. No result i think

  Nonsense.  You need to READ THE DEBUG OUTPUT.  This is said pretty
much every day on this list.

> Even i tried to inject into radcheck database with class := 0x11223344,
> this does not work too.

  See the FAQ for "it doesn't work".  That is a useless comment.

> But when i use ntradping and add that class attribute with group01, it
> show on log.

  Yes, I know.

> This is make me confused, this class should be asked from mikrotik (nas)
> or radiusd automaticly give that attribute ?

  As you were told, Class is sent in Access-Accept.  The NAS then is
supposed to echo it back in the Accounting-Request.

> Please therad me like an idiot on this, because i don't have a clue at all.

  It's OK to not know about RADIUS.  It's not OK to learn.

  Please stop asking questions until you've followed instructions.

  You've been given instructions for how to get this to work.  You've
been given instructions for debugging issues.

  If you're not going to follow instructions, you have no business
asking questions on this list.

  I for one am not going to respond to any more of your questions.  It's
clear I'm wasting my time.  I'm trying to help you, you're not willing
to do *anything* useful to help yourself.

  Alan DeKok.

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