Virtual server clients collision

Stanislav Lorenc stanislav.lorenc at
Tue Feb 4 18:15:52 CET 2014


i have two (and more) virtual servers. Each server has own business 
logic, port and defined separate clients.
I completely use SQL modules. Clients are stored in database.

I have one client using two different freeradius virtual server First 
for ppp. Second for login into device.

Adding client into NAS 1 :
rlm_sql (overovani_sql): Read entry 
rlm_sql (overovani_sql): Adding client 
(rb1_pentagon::wlan1::, server=overovani) to clients list

Adding client into NAS 2:
lm_sql (auth_cernovice_net_sql): Read entry 
rlm_sql (auth_cernovice_net_sql): Adding client 
(rb1_pentagon::wlan1::, server=auth_cernovice_net) to 
clients list
Failed to add duplicate client rb1_pentagon::wlan1::
rlm_sql (auth_cernovice_net_sql): Released sql socket id: 4
rlm_sql (auth_cernovice_net_sql): Failed to add client 
(rb1_pentagon::wlan1:: to clients list.  Maybe there's a 

Virtual server name in debug message is right.
I think, clients are shared between virtual servers.
Clients aren`t duplicates. Clients has different passwords and are 
placed within different virtual servers.
How I get separate client list?


Stanislav Lorenc

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