Core dump on start of FR3.0.1

John Dennis jdennis at
Wed Feb 5 15:11:58 CET 2014

On 02/05/2014 07:40 AM, Arran Cudbard-Bell wrote:
> On 31 Jan 2014, at 13:43, Alan DeKok <aland at> wrote:
>> Palmer J.D.F. wrote
>>> I've since upgraded the box I was having this trouble with to FC15, and FR3.0.1 compiles and runs fine on it now.
>>  OK.  It may be an incompatibility with the version of talloc on the
>> system.
> Well it'd be good to know that so we can add a version check to autoconf.
> Jezz,
> Do you know what the version of talloc was on FC14?

Not 100% positive, but I think it was 2.0.1 based on the build history
of the package. Unfortunately the definitive package information for the
F14 has now been removed because F14 is so old.

FWIW F14 was about the time libtalloc was first introduced as a distinct
package independent of samba, not surprised at that moment it was immature.


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