Freeradius as peap-mschap radius proxy

Alan DeKok aland at
Tue Feb 11 20:01:32 CET 2014

russell wrote:
> I need to configure Freeradius on a Linuxmint 16 pc to be a Radius Proxy
> in front of a Windows 2008R2 NPS server. The Windows 2008R2 Server is
> configured to support peap-mschap Radius connections and is currently
> working.
> The clients are coming from a variety of /24 network, the users being
> authenticated all exist on a single domain.
> I have tried to google for information on peap-mschap proxying but find
> the information a little confusing.

  Proxying is just proxying.  It doesn't matter what the authentication
method is.

> Could someone point in the correct direction to get the information
> needed to configure Freeradius as a proxy server.

  Read raddb/proxy.conf.  Ask *specific* questions.

  Alan DeKok.

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