Acounting problem with SQL and detail files

Alan DeKok aland at
Wed Feb 12 14:54:49 CET 2014

Aurélien Lafranchise wrote:
> Sorry I mixed up some stuff. Start and Stop records are handle the same
> on my configuration. During the database problem start records went
> properly in detail files but not stop records. Why?

  Perhaps you could try reading my messages.  I've been trying to answer

> In the previous email, you tell me that there is no impact on detail
> files if the database goes down and you tell me now that it can be have
> an impact. I am a bit lost.

  You're looking for inconsistencies where there is none.  You're not
reading my messages and taking them at face value.  You're interpreting
them through your ideas as to how the server works.

  The modules are independent.  If "detail" is listed before "sql", it
will ALWAYS log to "detail", even if there's a problem with "sql".
However, if the SQL server is *blocked* rather than *down*, it will also
block FreeRADIUS.  It will block *all* threads in FreeRADIUS, and the
server will not be able to process *anything*.

  My answer to these issues is always the same.  If you have problems
with SQL, go fix SQL.  Stop trying to "fix" FreeRADIUS when there's
nothing wrong with it.

  If the dashboard on your car says "no fuel", you re-fuel it.  You
don't claim that the dashboard is broken.. and replace the dashboard.

  The same applies here.  SQL is broken.  No amount of posting to this
list about FreeRADIUS will fix your SQL server.  Fix the real problem.

  Alan DeKok.

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