Acounting problem with SQL and detail files

Alan DeKok aland at
Wed Feb 12 16:47:42 CET 2014

Aurélien Lafranchise wrote:
> First of all I totally understand all your statements, I do not want to be rude or annoying, the SQL server is fixed since a long time and I am not looking for your help on my database but only to understand how FreeRADIUS works and interact in order to find a workaround.

  Then ask questions which indicate that you want to learn.  Don't ask
questions which insinuate that we're idiots.

> From what you said I understood from you both that in case of a blocked SQL databases the librairies does not allow FreeRADIUS to just consider the server as blocked and apply a timeout.
> Thank you for the idea of having two separates instances of FreeRADIUS one for detail files and one for SQL queries.

  It will help, but only for a very short time.  Your database is broken.

  All of this arguing could have been avoided if you just fixed the
database.  I've been doing this for about 20 years now.  I know a bit
about the subject.  You weren't attempting to educate yourself or to fix
the problem, you were attempting to blame FreeRADIUS for everything, and
tell me that I intentionally designed broken software.

  That's why you got a long response.

  Alan DeKok.

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