v3.0.x: raddebug/radmin ignore conditions

JB list.freeradius at me.com
Wed Feb 12 18:41:17 CET 2014

Alan DeKok wrote:

> radmin just sets the debug condition in the server.  But the server
> shouldn't be ignoring conditions.  Have you tried using a simple one,
> like User-Name?

Yes. And I get the following line in the radius.log:
Debug: radmin> debug condition "(User-Name == 'test')"
But no matter what user name is used, raddebug shows debug output.

>> We also had to comment the group checking ("show config group") out in order for raddebug to work at all.
> Probably because you don't have a "group" setting in radiusd.conf.

No, we have that. 
I think the problem is that the user/group configs moved to the security section, so the command should be "show config security.group", shouldn't it?

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