v3.0.x: raddebug/radmin ignore conditions

JB list.freeradius at me.com
Thu Feb 13 12:30:41 CET 2014

Alan DeKok wrote:
> JB wrote:
>> Unfortunately, the -u argument of raddebug is now broken. I'm getting this error message:
>> Error: Failed parsing condition '(User-Name == test)': Must have string as value for attribute
>  That's an easy fix.  The problem is that the *server* now requires:
> 	User-Name == "test"
>  The previous form is forbidden.

I see. Since the script seems to strip my quotes when I write something like -u "test", I changed the line to:

u)    condition="(User-Name == '$OPTARG')"

Works fine now.
(Sorry, don't know how to make patches with Git yet.)

>> Packet-Src-Ip-Address isn't working either but as Arran pointed out, it isn't the best attribute to use.
>  It should work, though.

Did some more raddebug testing with all sorts of attributes. NAS-Identifier, User-Name, NAS-IP-Address, … all work in a debug condition but Packet-Src-Ip-Address refuses to play along. If I set "(Packet-Src-IP-Address == the.ip.add.ress)",  I don't see any output. If I set "(Packet-Src-IP-Address != the.ip.add.ress)", I get debugging output.

Just to make sure, I've added a Reply-Message with %{Packet-Src-IP-Address} and it shows exactly the.ip.add.ress.

As far as I understand, Packet-Src-Ip-Address is a custom internal attribute. Could it be possible that it gets filled *after* the debug condition is checked?


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