sqlippool and MySQL/InnoDB: Useable for production?

Sebastian Inacker inacker.work at gmail.com
Thu Feb 13 13:22:43 CET 2014

Hello FreeRadius Users.

I have a question about sqlippool and I would be glad if you could
share your opinions with me/the list:

Is the module sqlippool useable for production if MySQL is used with
InnoDB tables?

I found the information, that transaction support of your SQL backend
is important, but MySQL seems to support transactions with InnoDB. I'm
asking because I was told, that there is still an issue if you use
sqlippool with more one NAS: The same IP addresses could be given to
different clients if you use MySQL - even with InnoDB.

What is your experience? Would you advise to use a different SQL
backend (PostgreSQL for example)? Would you advise, not to use
sqlippool at all?

How do you handle a pool of ip addresses if you have more than one NAS
and it's not possible to handle the pool on each NAS?

Thanks in advance!

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