Log when the proxy home_server has no response

Alan DeKok aland at deployingradius.com
Thu Feb 13 15:22:26 CET 2014

Chuang Okis wrote:
> Thanks for your response!
> Does that work on 2.2.0 ? Or maybe it works only on 3.x?

  It works in 2.x.

> Because I did a simple test yesterday but it seems not working on 2.2.0 :(
> I made a simple test, please refer log below:
> First, I set up a server 1 as  a proxy server. It will proxy the request
> to server 2.
> Server 1 debug log:

  Which doesn't show that the request has timed out.  See proxy.conf.
Look for "response_window" and "zombie_period".  You may need to lower
those values.

  If the home server typically responds quickly, you could set both of
those configuration items to "5".

  Alan DeKok.

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